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The Catch-All Guide to Choosing the Right Rugby Ball

Rugby Ball Customisation Guide

Contrary to what some people may think, choosing the proper rugby ball is not simple. There are as many factors in choosing a rugby ball as there are trick plays in Ian Foster’s All Blacks playbook. What size to go for? What quality to go for? And most importantly what rugby ball design to choose? Don’t worry: we’ve got you covered for all these questions.

Read on below to find out what kind of ball is right for you.

Branded Rugby Balls are the perfect promotional choice, with smaller sizes making ideal brand building giveaways whilst larger sizes providing a canvas to promote your brand whilst allowing match play. When it comes to choosing the right rugby ball, do you know which you should pick for your brand, company or event to make a perfect long-lasting impression?

Whether for training, matches or product giveaways there's a wide range of options including various types, size and qualities designed for different needs from perfect promotional giveaways through to professional size and quality rugby balls for the big match.

Here's a handy guide to help you pick the right one

1. Selecting the Right Size Of Rugby Ball

Before launching into which balls are best for your hooker to throw into the lineout and which are better for giveaways, let’s talk a little about rugby ball dimensions.

At JUST BALLS, we offer six different sizes: keyring (self-explanatory), mini, midi, size 3, size 4 and size 5. We’ll give you the sizes below measured in length, girth and circumference, but it is important to keep in mind that these sizes increase in size from the tiny keyring size to the international standard of rugby ball size 5 dimensions.

Oftentimes ball size 3 is used for children’s rugby from ages 7 to 9, size 4 is used between ages 10 and 14 and size 5 is used for 15 and above.

Mini and midi balls are often used for promotional purposes and are rarely used in matches.

Rugby Ball Size Selection Chart

Rugby Ball Shaped Keyring  Approx 90 x 40mm A popular product giveaway, ideal for generating brand awareness.
Mini Size 0 Length 160mm, Girth 315mm

Suitable for All Ages. Great for promotional use as well as increasing skill and coordination for players of all ages.

Midi Length 215mm, Girth 420mm Suitable for All Ages. A great choice for younger players to get started and develop close control whilst still small enough to make an ideal promotional gift.
Size 3 Length 255mm, Girth 535mm. Suitable for Ages 7 to 9 of junior rugby.
Size 4 Length 275m, Girth 545mm Suitable for Ages 10 to 14.
Size 5

Length 285mm, Girth 585mm

Suitable for Ages 15 and up.


Different Qualities of Rugby Balls We Offer

Rugby Match Balls

These are the big boys – the ones ready to take a knock (on) or two and get dirty. This rugby ball material is made of pimpled rubber with four layers of inner-lining to make sure it can stand up to the rigours of match-day rugby. These balls are hand-stitched and come in sizes 3, 4 and 5 and are of the highest quality and standard for actual gameplay. And - if you’re looking to print out your club’s logo for weekend matches - we can certainly help with customised rugby balls.

Rugby Training Balls

Sometimes you don’t need a big, hectic ball when you’re training for the big match. That’s where this class of printed rugby balls come into the picture. Again made with dimpled rubber and hand-stitched, these are designed to work as a weighted training rugby ball – with three inner layers that will stand up to vigorous training and some matches for lower-intensity or touch-rugby clubs. The size of rugby balls in this design is also 3, 4 and 5 and all are customisable with a logo of your choice.

Promotional Rugby Balls (Rubber)

These are the kind of balls designed for light use – if any use at all. The clue is in the title – these balls are designed to be promotional. Want to hand out a nice end-of-year gift to club members? Need a stylish rugby ball logo gift for some sponsors of your team? That’s how these balls were designed. Still made with pimpled rubber for a decent grip to toss around casually, these balls only have two layers of lining and can be ordered not just in gameplay sizes, but also rugby ball size midi, mini and keyring.

Promotional Rugby Balls (PVC)

If you’re looking for a rugby ball weight standard or a tough, no-nonsense ball to train or play with… look at the options above this one, because this isn’t it. This ball is made from PVC synthetic polymer and is designed to be used only in display. Like the rubber promotional balls, these balls come in all sizes, from keyring to size 5 and are entirely customisable so you can have your company, club, team or personal design printed on these for a giveaways, gifts or corporate events.

Rugby Ball Guide

Quality Outer Material Inner Lining Stitching Type Available In Sizes
Promotional PVC Rugby Ball  Smooth PVC (slippery due to smooth surface) 2 Layers Inner Lining Machine Stitched Sizes Keyring, Mini, Midi,3,4,5
Promotional Rubber Rugby Ball  Pimpled Rubber 2 Layers Inner Lining Hand Stitched Sizes Keyring, Mini, Midi,3,4,5
Training Rubber Rugby Ball Pimpled Rubber 3 Layers Inner Lining Hand Stitched Sizes 3,4,5
Match Ready Rubber Rugby Ball Pimpled Rubber 4 Layers Inner Lining Hand Stitched Sizes 3,4,5

Need Further Advice?

Still, need advice choosing the right football? Get in touch with one of our experts to discuss your bespoke needs.

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